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Is asking for code on topic?

There have been a number of past discussions of this. Based on the outcomes of those discussions, my reading is that asking for implementations of an algorithm is off-topic. Others may have a ...
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Feedback on BSc degree project

Frankly, this is what teachers and teaching assistants are paid for. You can also ask peers or more advanced learners you trust. Reviewing material is generally a bad fit for this platform: it's a ...
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4 votes

Why are there no comments on "Is it NP-hard to fill up bins with minimum moves?"

In the lifetime of this question, there have been a grand total of four comments: two comments by people requesting a clarification, and two replies by the asker. In both cases the asker edited the ...
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4 votes

Question that was duplicated on CS.SE and SO

I think this one falls into the case when a question is appropriate for two sites, and each version has been tailored for the site's audience. The SO version comes with JavaScript code, the CS version ...
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2 votes

Is this question about data storage on-topic here?

Well, maybe this post looks dumb since I'm writing it after the question already has an accepted answer but... I think the question is unanswerable. Although it mentions TCP, which has well-defined ...
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1 vote

Strange duplication of questions

When the same user asks the same question multiple times, we normally merge them (or just close unanswered copies as duplicates). When the question is asked on different sites, we normally close with ...
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