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The proposed standard requires five people to verify that the standard techniques all fail or, at least, are difficult to apply. That's a fairly large fraction of the amount of work needed for those five people to answer the question itself. The burden is on the asker to demonstrate that the question is suitable and, really, it doesn't matter if they do ...


Thank you for this helpful post! I agree it shouldn't be closed as a duplicate of the reference question if the techniques in the reference question aren't sufficient to answer the question. However, I have a slightly different perspective about what lesson to learn from this example. I do consider asymptotic analysis of an algorithm to be on-topic, if ...


I am not for or against. But I want to state a point: I think we should keep in mind that we can refer people to go read the textbook and understand it and solve their problem in place of asking on CS.SE if we push the idea of closing because there is a general reference. For a reference question to really work when closing a question it should be really ...


Being one of the users voting to close, I definitely found the question too broad. It should be made more focused in some way. Moreover, what research did the OP do? There are e.g. plenty of historic questions around, like this one or that one. So really, how does the question intend to differ from "what is computer science"?


It's an interesting question. It's a question that should definitely be answered. However, it's too broad for a single SE post -- as such, I think the votes are correct.


There are some useful guidelines that can help you decide whether a question should be closed. Anything that is clearly offtopic or incomprehensible should be closed immediately. Bad-subjective questions have no place on any SE site. Refer users to Chat for discussion. Many (bad) basic questions can be closed as duplicate of one of our reference questions (...

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