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Reference: templates for common comments

The purpose of this post is to aggregate several templates for comments useful for the daily moderating of the CS site, e.g., informing the user (usually, new user) when their question is off-topic / ...
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Reference answers to frequently asked questions

Why am I here? If you were sent here, somebody thought that you posted your question too early, that is you don't know facts and/or techniques one would learn in undergraduate courses. This is not ...
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Homework policy

The accepted answer on this question is our homework policy, adopted by a community poll. The poll rules and outcome are retained below for historical purposes. Rules Below, you will find three ...
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Stackexchange promotes cheating

Many questions on this site are homework questions. Some students would like to hide the fact that they used this site for solving their homework, and so after getting the answer, they immediately ...
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A guide to moderating Computer Science Stack Exchange yourself — close voting

We've had complaints in the past that too many questions were closed by moderators. And as the site grows, we have more questions in need of closing. We have a growing number of users who can cast ...
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Should we have a custom close reason for homework assignment dumps?

Since the beginning of the north hemisphere term, we've seen a sharp increase in questions that consist solely of a dump of a homework assignment, where there is no question, only “solve this”. Our ...
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Can I ask competitive programming questions?

I often stuck on some competitive programming problems. I don't know a good place to ask my question. If my issue is about the algorithm to use not the implementation, can I ask my question here? How ...
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Should this question really be closed?

I recently found this question: If there is comparison between two variables then language is not regular. Then how the below two languages L1 and L2 Regular? Please Explain It is closed as a ...
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How to fix the question "Properties of graphs where every edge is in at most one simple cycle"

The question Properties of graphs where every edge is in at most one simple cycle is—in my opinion—an interesting question which is very well suitable for The question concerns properties of ...
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Close votes that don't apply to the question

This question has, at the time of writing, three close votes. None of them seems appropriate. Off-topic: does not appear to be about computer science... It's a question about decidability of ...
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Should we allow extremely low-effort homework questions?

I found this question which appears to be a copy-paste of a homework problem. Certain sites such as Physics say that homework questions must focus on the underlying concepts as opposed to the specific ...
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Why was this question re-opened?

Why was this question re-opened? As you can see from the history, I voted to close it, then one moderator closed it, then another moderator re-opened it. The side effect of the re-opening is that I ...
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