I don't expect anything bad to happen if CS.SE is made more visible from Prog.SE. Our bad questions mostly fall into two categories: homework dumps, and fix-my-computer. People who take the time to read the description of the site, or a referral from another site, won't ask such problematic questions. Conversely, as a professional programmer, I encourage ...


Quality vs Quantity? and at this time I think Quantity is more important. NO. Quality is always important. You cannot grow a site by favoring quantity over quality. If you make the site boring for experts, the experts will leave! It's normal for a Stack Exchange site to start out at a slightly higher level than the final target, when most of the ...


We threw some mock-ups through chat which may serve as starting point for discussion and/or inspiration. Be warned, lack of craftmanship ahead! Any comments and/or proposals are welcome. For programming sites For other sites



I think there's seems to be some confusion or misunderstanding. You're not being prevented from submitting a proposed community promotion ad. In fact, you did submit such an ad, and it is up and available for voting. You haven't been prevented at all. As far as your complaints that Raphael has not let you post such an ad: those complaints seem ...


Under “Science”, the footer now lists MathOverflow, Mathematics, Cross Validated (stats), Theoretical Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Philosophy, and a link for more. I think this has been the case for a while.



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