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Currently looking for my first job as a programmer, so wish me luck!

I'm currently learning C by myself. I finished MIT's 600x Introduction to Computer Science, and that's all I did in python.

It all hapened almost a year ago when I was 27. I discovered programming and it's like I found that part of myself I was missing all my life. ATM I'm 2nd year student of Computer Science at Kielce University of Technology.

I'm desperately trying to make up for all the years I wasn't programming.

SO is my daily routine, I learned so much here without even asking. Always trying to do my best at answering others questions, but sometimes it pushes me to spend few hours on reading on given problem myself.

Current reads: Kenneth Reek's "Pointers on C", Jon Bentley's "Programming Pearls".

I have K&R's "The C Programming Language" near me all the time as a reference book.

I know my english is poor, I'm slowly working on it when I'm not programming.

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