Mr Tsjolder

I'm a master student in computer science (the computational engineering branch). Before I started the bachelor, I was able to program my calculator. During my bachelor, I mainly learned working with Haskell, Prolog, Java, LaTeX, UML, SQL and VHDL. Next to these major languages, I also got to see some C#, python, matlab, R, php and shell script. Now, through my master I'm just learning more and more about the languages. I got in touch with assembly and C, got a taste of smalltalk and learned several new things about things I thought I knew. Further on I have a big piece of learning on the agenda this year. During the semester break, I decided to learn some HTML and CSS in order to help some relatives and to stay warm for what's yet to come.

Throughout my education (thus far) I realised that I won't ever master a language completely, but I did learn that good design might be as important as knowing the language.

Concretely, this means

  • I mostly program in Java, because I was taught to do so
  • I like to work with LaTeX rather than word or any of its kind (for some unexplainable reason?)
  • I am fascinated by functional programming (and in particular Haskell) since I read Learn You a Haskell for Great Good
  • I need a terminal on my computer
  • I still have a lot of work to do

PS: I like maths and physics quite a lot too, I hope this does not cause too much problems in the future...

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