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How to make our cs community very different from the cstheory?
12 votes

I suspect some of the problems come from the private beta stage, since many of the early adopters came from cstheory/math. My hope is that once the beta opens up, 'regular CS' folk will come in and ...

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Ideas for promoting the site
11 votes

One good venue for promoting this site is in intro-to-CS classes (if that's one component of the audience we'd be interested in attracting).

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Are Human Computer Interaction questions welcome here?
7 votes

I don't see a problem with HCI questions in this forum. The more, the merrier.

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Programming questions
5 votes

This particular question seems to be very programming-oriented, but I imagine that with small tweaks it could be more general-CS friendly ? Designing sudoku puzzles is an interesting problem because ...

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reposting closed questions from cstheory
2 votes

In the early days of TeX.SE, the same question came up, and I think Andrew Stacey's answer is a good one: Only ask the question if when reading it you think, "Hmm, I'd like to know the answer ...

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