In November 2011, I obtained a BSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with an excellent mark. My bachelor thesis included a survey on hierarchy theorems and hierarchies in Computational Complexity, as well as investigating the possibilities of improving the deterministic time hierarchy theorem.

Currently I am investigating algebraic complexity theory, especially in relation with the recent sequence of results based on depth reduction that have come close to separating VP and VNP. I am interested in so called "separating modules", which are sets of polynomials that characterize complexity classes and provide a common framework for many algebraic circuit lower bound proofs. I wish to investigate the inherent strengths and weaknesses of this framework, whether it is possible to utilize it in producing new proofs in the area of algebraic complexity theory and how it can be "translated" to the boolean world.

Another research interest of mine is structural complexity theory. I am highly interested in the polynomial hierarchy and determining the relations between classes in the hierarchy and other classes related to it. I am also acquainted with communication complexity, which I studied to some extent after receiving my BSc degree.

Since Fall 2012, I am pursuing a Ms/PhD degree in Saarland university. During this time, I have completed a variety of advanced courses, including ones in Complexity Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures and Graph Theory.