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Feedback on BSc degree project

Frankly, this is what teachers and teaching assistants are paid for. You can also ask peers or more advanced learners you trust. Reviewing material is generally a bad fit for this platform: it's a ...
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P vs NP, policy about such questions

First of all, if we would like to have a specific rule against such questions, I don't think it is useful to make the topic "P vs NP" part of that rule. I don't believe we are being flooded ...
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Towards a policy for questions about contest problems

This post describes the policy that the moderation team currently applies. Policy If a question is clearly and specifically about an active1 contest problem and would otherwise be a fine question2, ...
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I don’t think a user who answers an OP’s question should have his points reduced when the OP’s user account is removed

You do not directly lose reputation because you answered a question and the asker's account gets deleted. You only lose reputation in two cases: if the account that cast an upvote or an accept vote on ...
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