Apologies for the slight hijacking of the thread. I endorse your decision to resign. I am no longer going to contribute to any Stack Exchange site. Moderators and major contributors (of which I do not include myself) have been underappreciated by Stack Exchange for a long time, but in the past couple of years it has transitioned to outright mistreatment. I ...


Thank you for all of your enormous contributions to the site over the years, Gilles! I admire your acts of service and your spirit of giving to the world anonymously, and I will miss having you on the moderation team. Best wishes in all your future endeavours.


Gilles was specifically involved in creating Computer Science and shaping its community and policies from the early days on. His prior experience as SE moderator was unique among the pro-tem mods and very helpful. Thank you, always.


I think the site might need you exactly because of your attitude and your views. But still, I respect your decision and, moreover, share your views. I find the actions of SE against Monica intentional, perhaps personal, and highly inappropriate. If there is any alternative, non-StackExchange computer science forum you participate in, please feel free to tell ...


The answer to your titular question is no, but you are not really asking this question. Tl;dr: Your complaint is based on a strawman. I reject it. You first complained about this here. In that entire thread, I removed a total of two comments (besides some I wrote myself). Both because they were obsolete, one by other comments by the same user, the other (...

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