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Is MathJax in title allowed?

I don't think there's an official policy, but I agree with Raphael's answer that Mathjax should 'rather not' be used in titles, mostly for the reason that titles are (automatically) used in a lot of ...
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How can I format the algorithm better inside a question?

You can do the formatting using a table for alignment of the labels, manual spacing for indentation and manual typesetting of each word (paying attention to spacing). $$ \begin{array}{ll} & \...
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Why don't three T*'s (T*T*T*) appear if I type three of them after each other in a question or comment field?

*stuff* is for italic formatting. To insert an actual *, type a backslash before the star: \* But I suspect that you're looking ...
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Is there a way to draw derivation trees with MathJax?

I use \dfrac (or \cfrac). (Example.) And yes, it's painful. Please don't post images of math. They're completly inaccessible to ...
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