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5 votes

Should this question really be closed?

Tl;dr: I stand by my comment there: the question is a problem dump. We have long since been distinguishing between "asks a comprehensible question but didn't include own effort" (--> comment, ...
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Migration targets from meta are filtered badly

Apparently, nowadays, the target selection box in the migration dialog only shows the first 10 search hits in alphabetical order. All meta sites contain the word “meta”, so if you just type ...
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3 votes

Are recommendation questions (books and others) accepted?

As a rule, we don't get questions that ask for shopping recommendations here. We get literature recommendation questions sometimes. That's different. “Shopping question” to mean questions whose ...
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2 votes

Can't close a question that's a duplicate of one on another site

Duplicate closure only works within one site. This is by design: similar questions in different communities are likely to receive different answers. For more information, see What to do with cross-...
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1 vote

Should this question really be closed?

I am still not convinced about the question after edit being proper. When I cast vote it looked like problem dump and dupe. Only after comments it become obvious that OP had some unvocalized problem ...
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