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reposting closed questions from cstheory

There have been many questions on CST that were either closed, or just not answered because they weren't considered research level. May those questions (as long as they are of good quality) be ...
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What about list questions?

I know we have some very useful ones on cstheory.SE and I have seen some amusing ones on Stackoverflow. On other sites such as scifi.SE they seem to be banned. What is our stand?
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7 answers

Homework tag discussion

This discussion started in my other question "Will Homework Questions Be Allowed?". Should we allow the tag? It seems that some of our sister sites (Programmers, stackoverflow) have not allowed the ...
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1 answer

Cannot see what I'm typing

I really like the new beta theme, I guess it is much more attractive to newcomers than the sketchy one (which I also liked). Thanks a lot! However I'm slightly embarrassed because I can't read what I ...
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2 answers

Will homework questions be allowed?

Since the current FAQs say this site is for students as well as professionals, what will the policy on homework be? What are the guidelines that a homework question should follow if it is to be asked?...
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Can't edit question

I don't see any link to edit this question. I think it was the first question asked here, and I wanted to improve its grammar a bit, to make it more readable, but no edit link appears among the others....
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Using ACM or arXiv based tags

Should we use tags based one of these subject classifications? IF yes, which one? The 1998 ACM Computing Classification System (here) arXiv (here)
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1 answer

Request for LaTeX notation?

I think this website needs LaTeX notation, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this feeling. How can we ask StackExchange for that feature?
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2 votes
3 answers

Should questions about publication be on-topic?

Publishing is a central point of Computer Science (well, probably any science), so should this site allow questions about publication issues (this could include any sort of publication, e.g. ...
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