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When is it appropriate to re-tag old questions?

I am aware of the costs of editing old questions/answers as described in the question Trivial edits to old answers. However, I'm not sure in what cases the specific edit of re-tagging an old question ...
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How do we want to tag questions about parameterized algorithms?

@user777 suggested the introduction of a tag for parameterized algorithms in a question: We should have tag about "Parameterized Algorithm" that covers the technique of this subject like: bounded ...
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Should we tag with [karnaugh-map] instead of [k-map]?

We currently have k-map for questions about Karnaugh maps. Is this the best possible tag name? Would karnaugh-map be a better choice? For that matter, would a more general tag like logic-synthesis ...
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Evolving the tags of a question

Is it appropriate to modify the tags of a question to better reflect the issues that appear important with respect to answers? If the answer is yes, how far can it go? For example, an answer might ...
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