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Add question "difficulty"

I'm not sure whether it's technically possible to implement. Idea: allow users to define the "difficulty" of the problem. Each user can vote to determine how hard the problem is, from $1$ to ...
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Make reputation a function of answer/question score

I'm not sure whether it's technically possible to do. Problem: let a question get $20$ downvotes and $5$ upvotes. The question's score is $-15$, while the asker's reputation increases by $10$. Doesn't ...
22 votes
0 answers

Congratulations, Yuval passed 200K!

Congratulations Yuval, you amaze me every day with patience, profound answers and constant fight to make people work harder, hinting them to solve own problems. Thank you, reading your posts is ...
34 votes
1 answer

Congratulations, D.W. passed 100K!

Your identity might be shrouded in mystery, yet your moderation is laid bare for all to see. I hope you keep contributing to the site for years to come, looking back in pride on your accomplishments ...
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1 answer

A bug or intentional reputation reduction?

I noticed an issue: when I down voted an answer, my reputation also decreased by 1. I don't understand why? Please help me. Here's the screenshot:
9 votes
1 answer

Sudden loss of reputation

Admittedly, we're only talking about 55 rep, but I find this worrying. Yesterday my reputation was at 9206, and it seems like during the night I lost 55 points (currently my old reputation is still ...
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Congratulations, Yuval passed 100K!

Let me be the first to congratulate Yuval. Yuval your reputation is richly deserved. The breadth and depth of your answers continues to amaze me.
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Using rep points from another site for a bounty, should this be allowed here?

First off I know that StackExchange does not allow one to use reputation points of one site to be used for a bounty on another site. That is the goal I am hoping for but want some feeback before ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to block reputation increments

Is it possible to block a user's reputation increase when he is upvoted, or on any other event? On what basis could it be done and by whom? I searched info on this without success. I understand from ...