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MathJax is the LaTeX rendering engine used to display mathematics on Computer Science Stack Exchange

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Please render mathematics in edit diffs

Edit diffs do not render mathematical formatting. For example, here's a view from a suggested edit review: This makes it difficult to understand what the mathematical parts of the new versions are. ...
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MathJax broken after submitting an edit

Recently, after I perform an edit, it seems the mathjax rendering takes more space than it is given, resulting with overlapping with the text after it. Example (from q10437, right after editing it): ...
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Viewing single answers in math-heavy threads takes too long

MathJax is applied from top to bottom. That is often okay, but in cases like this one it disrups the experience; you have to wait quite a while (depending on your CPU) until a lower-ranked answer (you ...
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Don't re-render math when editing tags

For some reason, typing in the tag box causes the mathematics in the preview to be rerendered. This causes the textbox to jump around madly, making it impossible to click on a tag. Please fix this; ...
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Code blocks add extra backslash, if followed by a dollar sign

If you type the characters for "backslash dollar" inside a code block, extra backslashes are displayed. Worse, the rendered output doesn't match the preview. See the example below: ...
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MathJax rendering broken in previews from search

Preview of texts while using search breaks and renders unexpectedly.
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Confusing formatting of inline multiline TeX

This answer contains the following code: ...
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Change "MathJax help" link on Markdown help page

The "MathJax help" link in the "LaTeX" section of the Markdown Editing Help page currently leads to – but that page doesn't actually ...
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MathJax buttons/hotkeys script

I've written a script that lets you insert dollar symbols automatically(via a keyboard shortcut or button) in the editor window on Stack Exchange sites that support MathJax. You guys also get a ...
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Typesetting dollars in equations

This answer contained the following excerpt: $$ \delta(q_0,\lambda,\\\$) = (q_1,\\\$) $$ Unfortunately, the dollar signs are preceded by line breaks. Worse, this doesn't happen in the preview, so it's ...
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MathJax different in post vs. edit preview

This is a bit strange: in my answer here, the MathJax has incorrect vertical alignment: But when I go to the edit page to try to fix it, the preview shows the correct formatting, different to what is ...
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Why do MathJax piecewise function (case blocks) not render correctly?

When using MathJax I thought that \begin{cases}...\end{cases} would have each case printed on a separate line. Instead, the separate cases all all listed on the ...
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Can we change the order of precedence between back-ticks and dollar signs for SE Markup language and the MathJax plug-in?

I sometimes attempt to use $\mathcal{MathJax}$ to write string-literals wrapped in quotes. I expected the rendered result to look like this: Instead the result was this: For example, we might have ...
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