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Why isn't CS functioning as MathExchange or StackOverflow?

I understand that all the forums serve different purposes, and they have their own moderators, rules and policies. But CS seems completely different to me, with respect to all the other forums I have ...
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The return of the homework question

It has become a ritual: three times a semester (around 2nd week, midterms and finals) there is a flow of simple, homework-like questions (mostly in the field of automata theory; US education system is ...
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How do I ask a good homework question?

I'm doing some computer science homework and I need help. How should I ask my question here? The existing discussions about homework tend to center around how to answer them and how to moderate them. ...
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14 votes
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Will homework questions be allowed?

Since the current FAQs say this site is for students as well as professionals, what will the policy on homework be? What are the guidelines that a homework question should follow if it is to be asked?...
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Homework tag discussion

This discussion started in my other question "Will Homework Questions Be Allowed?". Should we allow the tag? It seems that some of our sister sites (Programmers, stackoverflow) have not allowed the ...
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What to do if someone asks my assignment question?

It seems that a student has posted a question I have given my students as an assignment on this site. Is there a policy regarding this?
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Should we downvote solution request?

This question is motivated by this comment. Recently I see more an more questions which explicitly asks for solution to given class problems. This happens mostly before exams period. It looks like ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Towards a homework policy

The purpose of this thread is to determine what our homework policy should be, if any. In previous discussions, we saw: Will homework questions be allowed? → Homework questions are allowed, but we ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Should we have a custom close reason for homework assignment dumps?

Since the beginning of the north hemisphere term, we've seen a sharp increase in questions that consist solely of a dump of a homework assignment, where there is no question, only “solve this”. Our ...
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Consideration for COVID-caused newbies

Because of the corona virus outbreak, many schools have responded by either closing entirely or sending the students away and allowing them to continue classes remotely. As a result, we may be seeing ...
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Homework policy

The accepted answer on this question is our homework policy, adopted by a community poll. The poll rules and outcome are retained below for historical purposes. Rules Below, you will find three ...
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2 answers

What should the homework tag mean?

The outcome of the homework tag discussion is not clear so far: there is a slight majority in favor of having a homework tag, but no agreement as to what the tag means. The meanings I've seen proposed ...
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1 answer

computer contest problems

The question Proof of correctness for the greedy solution of uva10249 The Grand Dinner is presently on hold. It is definitely not self contained, so I understand it needs editing. My question ...
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Should we allow extremely low-effort homework questions?

I found this question which appears to be a copy-paste of a homework problem. Certain sites such as Physics say that homework questions must focus on the underlying concepts as opposed to the specific ...
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Homework Service [duplicate]

I am a student of Computer Science, however for the most part I'm self teaching myself CS(Due to being in a not very good school, which is not internationally competitive or standard. Not to say I don'...
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A question was posted from a colleague's final exam. How do we determine who posted it?

I found a question on this site that looks like it was taken from a colleague's final exam. The timing is suspicious: The account has one question and was created today. The question was posted an ...
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Just-a-hint tag

This relates to the following discussion: Homework tag discussion After talking to Gilles in chat about possible solutions to the homework tag problem. The tag just-a-hint was suggested. The purpose ...
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