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Short reference for LaTeX/MathJax commands

Some users are not familiar with the LaTeX notations, which is perfectly fine, but it would be better if we could have an FAQ/help page that explains the basic commands, in a similar way to the ...
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How much personal style should be tolerated?

I hesitated for some time, but recently edited this question. As can be seen from the question history, the question contained (or contains) quite a bit of latex commands that were used for formatting ...
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Is MathJax in title allowed?

I want to know if I am allowed to use dollars, i.e. $, in title to render in there MathJax. According to my research, I saw on other sites that askers already used MathJax in their title, but not in ...
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7 votes
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Latex best practices

I inserted Latex in 15 questions from other users and I'm being called attention for two of them. Then I ask: What are the best practices for Latex Edit? When can I use? And when I can not use? Any ...
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Why are bold and italics disabled on CS.SE?

This sentence is bold. And this sentence is in italics. Or at least they're supposed to be. Why are they not rendered as such?
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How can I format the algorithm better inside a question?

I would like to write a pseduocode inside a post with latex, how can I format it. For example in the question: How to find the interior convex polytope with the maximal volume given a set of 3D points?...
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Online design/rendering of graphs and illustrations in your posts?

How do you design and manage graphs and illustrations in your posts, that cannot be done by mathjax? For example, for graphs, I have begun using Erdos (demo), an interface to Google Charts API for ...
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Is there a way to draw derivation trees with MathJax?

Is there a known way to draw derivation trees (proof trees, typing derivation trees, ...) with MathJax? Currently, I embed trees by the following ways as workarounds: Draw a tree using my PC with ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to prepare long posts with mathjax?

How do you guys prepare long posts for SE; particularly for those that support mathjax?
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Is it possible to draw a matrix with SE mark down?

I wanted to know if it possible to draw a matrix with math tags. I googled and also read 'formatting help', but couldn't find any info. I wanted to edit this question. I think its not possible, but I ...
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Why don't three T*'s (T*T*T*) appear if I type three of them after each other in a question or comment field?

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask, but when I type three T*'s directly after each other the following string of symbols appears: TTT* (I typed three T*'s). What's the cause of this? ...
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Lists in spoiler tag

When quoting, lists work fine. For instance > A list of > > * one, nay > * two > items becomes A list of one, nay two items ...
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