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How can effectively signal that a question should be closed?

The obvious answer is to flag them as Needs improvement. However this appears to be ineffective because all this does is push the items into the Close Votes queue and there do not seem to be any ...
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Duplicate of a question without answer

Yesterday I flagged this question with "in need of a moderator intervention" because it was the third time the author asked the very same question. The moderator handling my flag answered: &...
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Is there a canonical reason why I can't flag my own comment?

I've been involved in a comment thread (with babou, not that it makes any difference) that has no reason for existence after both of us have run out of things to say. While it existed it was useful (...
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How do you report rude answers?

In the main Stack Overflow site there's a flag through which we can report obsolete or non-constructive or rude comments, or various options on questions and answers, to contact a moderator. In this ...
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Withdrawing flags

Is there any way to withdraw flags? This answer was auto-flagged as low quality because of its length. When I viewed the flag, the system only showed the textual part of the answer and not the ...
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