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cross posting when no answer

I have asked this question on math stack exchange, but there has been no answer. The math stack guidelines are ...
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4 answers

Questions from unregistered users

How should we respond to questions from unregistered users? Should we treat them differently from questions from registered users? For example: Should we post comments encouraging users to register? ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Merging similar answers to the same question

My question is inspired by an episode happened earlier today, regarding a question asked on the main site: TM - reject definition and complement. A new user asks a legitimate but very basic question, ...
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1 answer

Is there etiquette for posting frequency?

Is there an upper limit to how often users may ask a question? I am doing masters level research so my questions are not "homework dumps" or anything that I haven't already searched for extensively, ...
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1 answer

Closing questions because of the attitude of the asker

Here, we have a vote to close on the grounds that asker is rude to people trying to help him. My instinctive reaction is that this is not a reason to close the question. Part of the purpose of ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Should moderators publicly point out when a user is blocked from asking questions on Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow users are automatically blocked from asking questions when they have had too many downvoted or deleted questions. (The details of the formula are secret.) When another site attempts to ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How to promote inclusive behavior?

I asked a question that has a tricky answer, which I saw explained in some dark corner of the Internet a long time ago. I did so after seeing another question that was posted by someone who knew the ...
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