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The tag has no usage guidance.

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0 votes
1 answer

The part of post disappears after "<" mark without space

I include the bug here in this post (visible in edit)
5 votes
0 answers

Don't re-render math when editing tags

For some reason, typing in the tag box causes the mathematics in the preview to be rerendered. This causes the textbox to jump around madly, making it impossible to click on a tag. Please fix this; ...
3 votes
2 answers

How to prepare long posts with mathjax?

How do you guys prepare long posts for SE; particularly for those that support mathjax?
8 votes
1 answer

LaTeX in post preview is slow

I have been writing (and editing) a number of longer posts¹ with a lot of maths in them lately. Sadly, whenever you change a single character, the whole preview is reset which in particular means that ...
5 votes
1 answer

Please enable MathJax previews when editing tag wikis

MathJax works in tag wikis, but it is not enabled when editing them. Please enable MathJax in the editor preview in tag wikis.
2 votes
1 answer

There's no toolbar

I was about to ask a question but the toolbar is gone and I cannot upload the image to post the question. It's not the case on other SE sites, not even in meta.CS.