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Yet another case of "why was my question downvoted"

Yesterday, I asked a question (some sort of reference request) about the name of a sample program. Despite my attempt for it to fit the format of Q&A as is the case with the rest of SE, be on ...
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Downvoting valid questions

An NP-Completeness question was asked today by a new user, and immediately received 2 downvotes. The OP desclaimed it was a question from a job interview, offered the hint given to him and asked for ...
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Welcoming new users by downvoting their questions

A question that was asked recently concerns synchronizing words. Apparently it had been assumed to be on a different and much more trivial topic, graph traversal, and as a result, entertained a shower ...
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A bug or intentional reputation reduction?

I noticed an issue: when I down voted an answer, my reputation also decreased by 1. I don't understand why? Please help me. Here's the screenshot:
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Delete answered negative voted question

This is the concerned question. The question has a negative score. So, it implies that the question is not valuable/worthy of being on the site [ I obviously disagree - moreover I got the answer ...
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