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What to do about question posts requesting answers to multiple questions?

How do I write a good answer? advises avoid trying to answer questions which... request answers to multiple questions. I left a comment to this effect under a question post from a new user. It felt ...
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Consideration for COVID-caused newbies

Because of the corona virus outbreak, many schools have responded by either closing entirely or sending the students away and allowing them to continue classes remotely. As a result, we may be seeing ...
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Is this site the most appropriate to ask questions about distributed algorithms?

For example, suppose I have a doubt regarding how Paxos works or about the definition of FIFO broadcasts. Is this website the most suited for asking this kind of questions? For example, would this or ...
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10 votes
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Should Computer Science Meta start doing weekly AMA's?

Recently, a friend of mine expressed interest in co-organizing weekly AMA's for the Computer Science Meta community. For example, take a look at the monthly AMA's at Physics Meta. Primary Question:...
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18 votes
3 answers

How do I ask a good homework question?

I'm doing some computer science homework and I need help. How should I ask my question here? The existing discussions about homework tend to center around how to answer them and how to moderate them. ...
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Question turned into tl;dr, answer is not completely correct, what next?

The question is already quite long, with two different formulations. And I noticed that my own answer to my question is not 100% correct. Consequently I would like the question to get some new ...
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Is there a proper way to ask a question about your own answer to another question?

Is there a proper way to ask a question about your own answer to another question? Suppose, for example, that you get an unexpected result after working out an answer to a question, and wonder where ...
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Can I ask this question about the effectiveness of a mathematical programming concept?

I'm thinking of doing an experiment with a JS program to utilize Japanese Multiplication, and I want to ask whether or not a software math shortcut is actually a shortcut at all. To be clear, I'm ...
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Q&A asking for better A

I asked a question and provide an answer, also I asked for solution better than my own. Then my question been edited and my request for better solution than my own been removed. Was that a good edit, ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What should we do with questions without effort?

Here someone asked a question about finding median, with a simple google search "median of unsorted array in O(n)" all first three results are about correct way to do it. But there is no policy to ...
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