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What to do if a user refuses to improve an answer?

I do understand that bad answers should be voted down, not flagged. And that flags are for comments, questions or spam in answer form. What motivates me is the following answer. If it turns out the ...
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4 answers

Towards a policy for hint-only answers

This question is getting old, but the matter is still unresolved. Please contribute by voting on the answers here, or by voicing your opinion if you have something to add to the existing answers! Our ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to make good answers to bad questions more visible?

When looking at a list of questions, for example on page, we tend to assess the interest of the whole compound question+answers+comments from the vote rating given to ...
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1 answer

Deleted "Valid" Answer

While doing review work I came across this question, which has attached to it an answer deleted by "Community" (and as it's deleted by a mod, I can't vote to undelete). It's not clear to me why it ...
3 votes
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Ways to grow the site by helping good (new/undergrad) students

Before that for me was annoying to see someone without any effort wants to get an answer for his homework from community. But right know I see most of answers are by few users which are either ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why was my answer converted to a comment?

My answer to was converted to a comment. Why? I believe my answer was an acceptable answer. The question was "How do you show..." and my answer described ...
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2 answers

What would a proper answer of the form "no, what you're describing doesn't exist" look like?

I asked this earlier question about whether there is a pumping lemma for DCFLs and it looks like the answer is "no." If the answer were "yes," an authoritative answer might have the form "yes there ...
5 votes
3 answers

Should "hints" be posted as "answers"? [duplicate]

I'm referring to the answer here: The operator $A(L)={w|ww\in L}$. In my opinion, it is completely not accetable as an answer, simply because answer should give a solution. The rules for me are ...
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2 answers

What are our minimum requirements for good answers?

There are plenty of resources that "define" good questions, e.g. every site's FAQ, here and here. The heuristic seems to be that good questions correlate with good answers. That does not seem to be ...
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