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Why "check-my-answer" is off topic? [duplicate]

Why in math.SE it is legitimate to ask questions of "proof-verification" and here one can not? what is wrong with that? and if it is not legitimate so why to tag it?
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Reference: templates for common comments

The purpose of this post is to aggregate several templates for comments useful for the daily moderating of the CS site, e.g., informing the user (usually, new user) when their question is off-topic / ...
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Homework policy

The accepted answer on this question is our homework policy, adopted by a community poll. The poll rules and outcome are retained below for historical purposes. Rules Below, you will find three ...
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Questions about correctness of a solution

This question is motivated by the following two examples: one two. Both questions asked about the correctness of their solution to some problem (in these cases, recurrences). Despite one being ...
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A guide to moderating Computer Science Stack Exchange yourself — close voting

We've had complaints in the past that too many questions were closed by moderators. And as the site grows, we have more questions in need of closing. We have a growing number of users who can cast ...
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What constitues an appropriate check-my-proof question?

I've read this, and also run into the unpleasant situation of having my proof that I wanted to get checked closed as "not constructive." I realize that a lot of people consider P vs. NP a "crank ...
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Using the same comment as Moderator to improve posts

For many low-quality questions, moderators use the following standard comments: "We discourage "please check whether my answer is correct" questions, as only "yes/no" answers ...
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Would this theoretical networking question be on-topic here?

A user posted a question on MSO, asking about where to ask their theoretical computer networking question. Since it's not a practical problem, it's not really a good fit for SO, Network Engineering, ...
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self answered question instead of check my proof

regarding: the OP went a long way to write a detailed proof, which he asks us to verify. We end ...
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Let's eliminate [tag:check-my-proof]

The tag check-my-proof has the following description in its tag wiki: Questions which also contain a proof or a solution that needs to be checked for correctness and completeness. There are ...
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Why are yes/no type questions discouraged?

I have seen experienced users and moderators comment on some questions that cs stackexchange does not support yes/no type questions ( not the exact words ). But if the OP discusses his/her approach ...
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Why did this "check my result question" not get close votes?

For the question Maximum Virtual Address Space it currently has 65 views and no close votes. I was expecting one or more close votes of the kind, "Here is my problem, here is my reasoning, here is ...
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Has this question been closed for the wrong reasons?

A question¹ that has been around for some time was recently closed as duplicate² by moderator overrule. I don't agree with this closure for three reasons: It's not a duplicate of the question ...
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